Friday, May 13, 2011

20 Top 20s Part 7- Musicians

Tonight, I'm going to list my top twenty favorite musicians. Originally, I was going to make a list of vocalists only and a list of guitarists only. After thinking about it, I decided that would be too difficult and decided to use the all inclusive term musician.

1. Zakk Wylde (vocalist, guitarist, pianist)

2. Dave Mustaine (vocalist, guitarist)

3. Slash (guitarist)

4. Jerry Cantrell (guitarist, vocalist)

5. Bruce Dickinson (vocalist)

6. Cliff Burton (bassist)

7. Steve Harris (bassist)

8. Frank Bello (bassist)

9. Charlie Benante (drummer)

10. Steve Vai (guitarist)

11. Rob Halford (vocalist)

12. Geezer Butler (bassist)

13. Jimi Hendrix (guitarist, vocalist)

14. Joe Perry (guitarist)

15. Gene Simmons (bassist, vocalist)

16. Tom Hamilton (bassist)

17. Waylon Jennings (vocalist)

18. Darius Rucker (vocalist)

19. Pepper Keenan (vocalist, guitarist)

20. Axl Rose (vocalist)

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