Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday, Monday, Monday...

Another weekend gone by with little accomplished. I am working on another short story following Barius after his desertion from the Roman Army after Teutoborg massacre. I hope to have it up soon.
Writing's much tougher than I ever imagined it would be. Some of the problems are obvious; such as semi-original story, characters, etc. Other problems are a bit more subtle, but no less annoying. The one problem I keep having is writing myself into a corner with grammar. I'll express my ideas to a point and realize that my current narrative structure won't allow me to move forward and still make sense. I then have to either figure out either a different way to express my thoughts, or go back and make re-writes. I realize most writers, many far better than I'll ever be, go through the same thing, but it can be frustrating.