Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another weird one

So, I had a stange dream last night. It's not the strangest I've ever had, but it was interesting enough for me to remember upon awaking and to put here on the blog. The dream opens with John Lennon and myself walking down the sidewalk in an unknown city on our way to a recording studio. We obviously know each other, though we never speak to one another. After walking a couple of blocks, Lennon stumbles and breaks his leg. Paul McCartney shows up and tells me that I need to carry Lennon the hospital, so I pick him up in my arms and begin walking him to the emergency room. We had covered the previous two blocks when my friend Brandon shows up and asks what I'm doing... "I'm carrying John Lennon to the hospital." says I. "That's not John Lennon. " says he. I look to the person in my arms and it's a female friend of mine (name withheld for privacy sakes) and (as her leg is broken) I say "Well, she still needs to go to the hospital." and I resume my march with her in my arms. We're almost to the hospital when she speaks to me. "Lem, you're the sweetest person I know." I look at her and realize that she's become a different female friend of mine (none of this shapeshifting seemed to bother me)and I replied to her. "No, no I'm not." I woke up at this point with a horrible cramp in my leg.