Friday, May 6, 2011

20 Top 20's Part 1 - Songs

I've decided to do a daily top twenty list. This will be done partly as a mental exercise, but also an attempt to get into the habit of blogging. None of these lists will be in any particular order as many of these entries are subject to my whims.
On another front, I should have two new short stories soon. One will be another tale of Barius and the other will be a Western/ Horror/ Action tale. Now, onto my first list, songs. These will be not only in no specific order, but I'm limiting myself to no more than two songs per performer or group ( I could probably fill the list with just Black Label Society, Guns N Roses, and Alice in Chains songs). Here we go;

1. Whiter Shade of Pale (BLS cover, Harum Procul original)

2.Estranged (Guns N Roses)

3.Angry Again (Megadeth)

4.Born to Lose (Black Label Society)

5. Luchenbach, Texas (Waylon Jennings)

6. There Was A Time (Guns N Roses)

7. A Tout La Monde (Megadeth featuring Cristina Scabbia)

8. N.I.B. (Black Sabbath)

9. No Excuses (Alice in Chains)

10. Inside Out (Anthrax)

11. Fueled (Anthrax)

12. Wicked World (Black Sabbath)

13. Rain When I Die ( Alice in Chains)

14. Seven Spanish Angels ( Willie Nelson and Ray Charles)

15. Pancho and Lefty ( Willie Nelson featuring Merle Haggard)

16. Devil By His Side (Jerry Cantrell)

17. Hurt A Long Time (Jerry Cantrell)

18. Mother (Danzig)

19. Clean My Wounds (Corrosion of Conformity)

20. Drowning in a Daydream (Corrosion of Conformity)

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