Tuesday, November 15, 2011

28 Days Later...

Saturday was my 28th day on the juice diet and I was coming off back to back cheat days. Thursday, my friends Brandon and Lauren were married and I ate at the reception, but I did okay calorie-wise, as they had Subway cater and I did have juice and water for the other meals that day. My biggest food sin at the wedding was a piece of the cake, but I think, with all of the standing and walking, I burned it off.
Friday was a different matter entirely. My friend Brent, who I haven't seen in years, had come into town for the wedding from California. He invited me to his sister's house for dinner with his fiance and Kristin's husband also in attendance. We cooked burgers out on the grill and also had potato salad. We then had beer and tequila shots to wash it down. It wasn't a very productive night for my diet. I have decided to go another week on the diet to make up for these two cheat days I've had and plan on trying to start eating (sensibly) next week.

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