Friday, January 6, 2012

Bizarre Dream.

I went to sleep early last night and slept well much of the night. I woke up, however, around 4 AM and, after going to the restroom, began having one of the more disturbing nightmares I can recall having.
I was seated in an amphitheatre that had dinner tables facing a stage and was packed with well dressed people. Waitresses moved along the rows taking orders and making suggestions. My waitress, as I recall, was quite lovely and suggested I have a hamburger. I thought (in dream think) that this was odd, given the upscale aura of the place, but I ordered it on her suggestion. Upon receiving my burger, I noticed that the patty was seared black on the outside, but raw and bloody on the inside. I looked up from my plate to complain to my waitress, who had been standing on the edge of vision the entire time, to discover her entire face was a ruined mess. It essentially looked like a bloody mass of ground beef with eyes. I looked at the other people around me, and they were all gory and burning. I recall someone, possibly the waitress stating that this was Hell and at that point, I woke up.

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